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10 Ideal Safety Dates for the Beginner to Online Dating August 29, 2011

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     So lets say that you found someone online that you are interested in.  Where do you go from here?  The best place to go is somewhere safe.  When picking a place to meet your new friend think public. (more…)


A Little Advice from Dick August 28, 2011

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Online Dating

Some people genuinely find it hard to meet a significant other in person do to many reasons such as working to much, being a home body, or just low self esteem. So they turn to the world wide web and log onto various places suck as plenty of fish, adult friend finder, match, and ok cupid to name a few. Here they can meet people with no strings attached and feel free to voice themselves. Because after all if you don’t get along you just don’t message each other right. (more…)


Seventh Date: Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Wine August 25, 2011

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I was all rested up from the weekend of camping and I had invited DH over to my house for the first time.  I was a little nervous because my room was a wreck and the dishes, oh god the dishes.  They were massive and piled high right next to the sink.  My two least favorite things to do is putting up clean laundry and washing dishes.  So I didn’t do either.  I think it’s best for me to let him know these two things pretty much right off the bat.  If I could afford to pay someone to do this crap for me then I would in a heart beat. (more…)


Sixth Date: Day 3 – Leaving Paradise August 24, 2011

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     Today’s the day we have to leave, but not for a while.  We all ventured down to the river with fishing poles and nets for crawfish.  I kind of feel like I’m at home and maybe my dad is gonna walk around the corner at any minute but home is 2,000 miles away and that’s not gonna happen, I don’t think.  My dad can be pretty sneaky.  The veiw of the river and my newly found friends is a bit enchanting.  Girls with nets trying not to slip on rocks while luring backwards swimming crawfish into nets as the st. bernard is tromping thru the water right next to them is a site to see.  The other two boys are floating in tubes and also trying to catch crawfish.  DH and I are sitting on the bank and giggling at the dinosaur dog and the one friend trying to stay on his raft.  It’s the perfect way to start any sunday. (more…)


Sixth Date: Day 2 – Floating the Nehalem August 23, 2011

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     All I am willing to tell you I remember about waking up is that I could lay in DH’s tent all day as long as he would lay there with me.  But we got hungry and I had to pee so we left our warm blankets and ventured out to the newly brewing camp fire for breakfast.  DH put together some delicious breakfast burritos with onions, garlic, peppers and hashbrowns.  Anything in a tortilla is delicious as far as I’m concerned. (more…)


Sixth Date: Day 1 – Meeting DH’s best friend, Devastatingly Beautiful

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     Siiiiiiigh, I think I’m dreaming sometimes.  Then I feel the soft touch of his hand across my back, warm, soft and subtle.  We’ve had a few trips to Lair Hill Bistro over the past few days.  Everyone of our outings makes me more excited for the next meeting.  No kisses yet but the anticipation is pretty hot, I know it’s coming soon.  This weekend he’s taking me to meet his best friend and her husband.  His roommates will also be joining us for the weekend, one I’ve only met in passing. (more…)


Fourth/Fifth Date: Leaving Maupin/Lucky Lab August 17, 2011

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     I woke up before anyone else on Sunday morning so I decided to listen to my iPod and watch the sunrise.  Breakfast came quickly with a repeat of eggs, hashbrowns and bacon filling the air, no match for DH’s old spice deoderant which he says is supposed to make the ladies flock and is under the impression it’s not working.  I’m flocking my ass off over here, just very subtly.  We packed up the car and spent a little time telling everyone goodbye and to have a safe trip home.  His shirt was really funny too.  It said “Give a hoot!  Don’t pollute!”  As we drove away I couldn’t help but thank the Lord for not letting me drown.  Thanks again Lord!  Can I get some help on the way home? (more…)